What you need to know about an online auction for selling your goods

Many people know or have heard about the online auction site “Meshok.ru”. This is a Russian site, a kind of analogue of Ebay. Many users use this site and sell some of their personal belongings, while others buy, especially if they are into collecting. There are people who make money there by selling other people’s things.

Prepared using the service and a paid Canva Pro subscription Prepared using the service and a paid Canva Pro subscription

Hi all! You are on the “My Old Computer” channel. Today we will get acquainted with the online auction “Bag”. I’ll tell you how people make money on it using auctions. The main purpose of the article is to warn users who decide to sell or buy something on this site how to protect themselves from the actions of such persons. The article is for informational purposes only and does not contain any instructions or calls.

There are many different schemes. One of the most common is registering two accounts. A sale is made from one account, and an artificial increase in price occurs from the second. Although the rules of the site prohibit this, users find ways to easily circumvent this rule.

On this service you can often buy valuable goods at a ridiculous price. Auctions are selected and sorted by end date. The main task is to find a product that is sold at a reduced price. It could be a painting, a rare record, a camera, an album of stamps, a collectible coin, or anything that might have value.

Screenshot from the Meshok.ru site Screenshot from the Meshok.ru site

At this auction, people manage to buy 500 German marks for 2 rubles or a rare record for 500 rubles, there are a lot of options. The secret is that people put goods up for auction for 1 ruble, but not all lots are of interest to people. Some lots go completely unnoticed.

People who make money on this site simply come in every evening for 15-30 minutes and look through profitable deals, especially those whose auction period is coming to an end and where there are no or few bids. Accordingly, a profitable purchase is made and its own auction is launched. The task is to sell this product at a higher price than it was purchased for. You can follow the lots you are interested in using watch lists.

To be on the safe side, people use the second page or “help from a friend” who will raise the price. The auction is won by the person who makes the highest bid before the auction ends. If a camera is offered at auction for 1 ruble, but no one has bid for more than 500 rubles, then the required bid is made from the second page. A bet is made, for example, 3500 rubles and all bets up to the specified value will be automatically outbid. Thus, such users sell the product at the price they need. Or they “keep” this product for themselves, independently increasing the rate to astronomical values. If an album of Soviet stamps is sold, then no one will beat the bid of 100,000 rubles.

Oil paintings and rare vinyl records bring the maximum profit. These goods do not have any specific value. People who really need them are willing to shell out a large sum of money. Such paintings are bought at auction for 1000-3000 rubles, and sold for 5000-10000 rubles and more.

As for rare records, things are even more interesting. “The Dark Side of the Moon” by the famous group Pink Floyd in good condition can be sold for either 2,500 rubles or 14,500 rubles. Maximum profit is made on collectibles and art objects.

Screenshot from the Meshok.ru site Screenshot from the Meshok.ru site

The main thing you need to do before you start using this service. Go in and read the rules, spending 15 minutes of your time. The administration of the site, in general, described everything in simple and understandable language. Until you gain experience, do not offer lots for 1 ruble, place a fixed bid or bid for a higher amount. Look around, study the site. If you buy or sell something and conduct a dialogue with another person, remember the basic safety of maintaining confidential data (do not disclose your bank card information, do not follow dubious links, etc.). All payments are made through the site. Look at the seller’s or buyer’s rating. If buyer ratings are negative, consider whether it is worth conducting a transaction with such a person.

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