What happened 300 years ago, where did all the technologies of mankind go and appear only now?

Have you ever thought that for 5000 years humanity has not developed at all? And over the past 100 years, instead of wooden houses, skyscrapers have grown. People have cars, smartphones and robots. Remember your childhood. What you use now would have seemed fantastic to you 30 years ago.

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Hi all! You are on the “My Old Computer” channel, today we will think a little and discuss an interesting theory of a leap in the development of mankind. The article is informative in nature and does not contain any appeals or intent to hurt anyone’s feelings, just the author’s thoughts.

According to official history, humanity lived long before our era. But why was Antarctica discovered only in 1820? Why was the USA formed only in 1776? Electricity was discovered in 1831, but not even 200 years have passed since we are already sitting at computers and heating food in the microwave. Why didn’t humanity develop at such a pace before?

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There is a theory that official history has been rewritten. Darwin’s theory does not stand up to criticism, because there is not a single transitional form of life on Earth. For millions of years man ate with his hands and lived in caves, and over the past 300 years he has moved from the pen to the smartphone. Somewhere we are being deceived. Either we are 300 years old, or 300 years ago we were deprived of all technology and thrown back far in development.

Approximately 300 years ago, some kind of catastrophe, global event, or even a lightning war could have occurred. After this event, the so-called “elite” could take away all the knowledge and technology, and throw ordinary people back in development for a thousand years. It is easy to control those who do not know their history and do not have knowledge.

All these UFOs that people are seeing around the world could be technology that is being hidden from us. Even the world map is completely wrong. If you look at a world map on the Internet, a geography textbook, or even a globe, Greenland is the size of Africa, and Russia is larger than South America. But Greenland is actually 14 times smaller than Africa, and Russia is much smaller than you think. Africa can fit 2 Russias.

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They also lie to us about the world’s population. There are no 7 billion. The population is rapidly decreasing every year. This is especially noticeable in our country.

But what happened 300 years ago? There are many structures, finds and traces of mining activity on Earth that cannot be replicated even with modern technology. Find photographs of the Babolovskaya bath or Indian columns on the Internet. This can only be done by machine processing, with a high level of industrial production. The Alexandria Column in St. Petersburg cannot be made without rotation in a lathe and high-speed polishing machines.

Look at the photos of polygonal masonry. How can you build buildings from blocks that weigh about 100 tons? It is impossible to even insert a playing card between these blocks. Now compare this with the well-known “Khrushchev”. Also, pay attention to the architecture of buildings that are more than 250 years old. All these towers, columns, arches are truly beautiful! And now all the buildings look “soulless.”

Find buildings in your city that are over 250 years old. Evaluate the quality of the masonry and the size of the blocks, and then compare it with modern brick buildings. You will be surprised.

They carefully hide from us what happened in those days. But the facts confirm that before 1700 there was a developed civilization on our planet. From the buildings and numerous traces of mining, one can judge the development of industry and high-tech tools.

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After 1700, all technology, tools and knowledge disappeared. Mendeleev came up with the table of chemical elements in 1869, but to create an iron column in India that does not rust requires much more modern knowledge. Even now we will not be able to create such pure iron. There are pyramids all over the planet, but people still don’t know about their purpose. Of course, if you look for information, you can find some logical explanations and theories.

Or maybe they decided to hide all this knowledge from people and rewrite history. This was done in order to control the population. The shadow world government has such technologies and developments that we have never dreamed of. They could reinvent the steam engine and throw in the periodic table of chemical elements. They control our knowledge and technology to always have an advantage over us.

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