Folding smartphones and now dual-screen laptops

Technologies move forward, new products are constantly appearing. First, the power and performance of various gadgets increases, and then some design innovations begin.

While Samsung is marketing its foldable smartphones, laptop makers are developing dual-display options. In general, similar laptops already exist. Lenovo has a ThinkBook Plus model that features a second display on the outside, while Acer has introduced a ConceptD 7 SpatialLabs Edition with a 3D display feature. And now there is news that Lenovo will very soon introduce another new product.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 smartphone, screenshot from the DNS online store website: Samsung smartphone Galaxy Z Flip3, screenshot from the DNS online store website:

Only the second screen will be built in near the keyboard, most likely somewhere on the right, for ease of control. This screen will support touch input. Are we bringing back styluses?

Screenshot from the twitter site: Screenshot from the twitter site: Screenshot from the twitter site:

No matter how you feel about such new products, what can you do? Sooner or later you will have to change your laptop or smartphone. And on store shelves there will remain clamshell smartphones and laptops with two screens. Now, such new items are a very expensive and unknown “pleasure,” but believe me, very soon everything will become available.

In fact, such models have both pros and cons. These seem to be very convenient functions, but I immediately remember worn-out laptop keyboards, torn off keys and spilled coffee. And then there’s a screen next to the keyboard.

Prepared using the service and a paid Canva Pro subscription Prepared using the service and a paid Canva Pro subscription

I know for sure that buying such a laptop will be expensive, but how much will I have to pay for repairs? Or will it be a “disposable” technique? And it’s easy to damage such a screen. There is no need to compare with anything, just look at the ways people manage to break the screens of their laptops, and now there will be two of them. I doubt that they will come up with any additional protection.

If you buy such a laptop, you will have to use it very carefully, do not drink coffee or eat sandwiches nearby. Keep small children at a safe distance from the laptop. In other words, “blow away specks of dust” from such equipment. Or the option is to insure the laptop against mechanical damage, in addition to the existing store warranty.

I suspect that there will be many opponents of such executions of the technique, but people get used to everything. For now, I’ll happily work on my old laptop with one screen until, by some accident, I break the screen on it.

Laptop of the channel author Laptop of the channel author

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